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Inventions:- Digital Media player - Downloading of Music, Data and Video - DRM (Digital Rights Management), 4 way scrolling controlled menu & page pointer, digital e-reader. Creation 1979.


James Cambbell.

1980 - Kane left, James (Pilot) right, and friends.

James Campbell


Kane was 23 and James Campbell 21. First Patent applied for 1981. Together they went on to pioneer digital recording designing and building the world's first Solid State Digital Media Recorder/Players.

After years of development and following building four prototype models the fifth pre-production model went on sale with at the APRS exhibition at Earls Court - London.

Kane was recognised by Apple in 2007 for his inventorship and since has acted as expert consultant.

Founder British Inventors Society - British Invention & Technology Show -  World Invention Awards.


Kane at Apple HQ 1 Infinate Loop.jpeg

Kane at Apple HQ

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